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How to Install Kodi on Fire Stick, Stream Live TV, and Install The Latest Add-Ons (Exodus, Genesis, Soundplex, Hulu Plus Lots more!)

Kodi is free, open-source software designed specifically with home entertainment in mind – and it’s perfect if you’re a fan of movies, sports, films and TV shows. Although it was originally created for the Microsoft Xbox and called Xbox Media Center (XBMC), Kodi has continued to evolve – spawning a community of its own.

Unlike services like Chromecast or Plex, Kodi is managed by the non-profit XBMC Foundation, and it’s constantly being modified and upgraded by countless of coders around the world. Since its creation in 2003, Kodi has been shaped by more than 500 software developers and more than 200 translators. That means you can now customize by installing addons or builds, and they’re totally free, too. And it’s not just for laptops; Kodi can now work on everything from a smartphone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

In this video I discuss what makes having Roku and Fire Stick TVs such a great setup for Cord Cutters. Two keys are Alexa and Internet browsers. Both Platforms …


  1. I'm looking into doing this same thing. I'm going to buy their new Recast and connect a Fire TV to my Roku TV. Will only use Fire TV for the live tv and recordings from the antenna, do you have any Fire TV apps. Also, I know you're going to suggest Plex but it's too complicated for our current situation, and the Recast guide looks great without the fees.

  2. Does Alexa only work if you have selected the Fire Stick from the home menu or is simply having the Fire Stick plugged in enough?

  3. I have a TCL roku tv (idk which kind) but I have a direct tv cable box which has a HDMI input and when I put the fire stick in that HDMI input, it fits in there but the screen says “looking for signal” and not wanting to go on the home screen of amazon fire stick and it’s annoying

  4. How can you link your Roku controller to use on your firestick? (So we don’t have to use the firestick?) The CEC doesn’t do much

  5. Got new tlc roku tv. Hooked up firestick. Can I set up the tv to use only voice command alexa remote ? Right now I have to use tv remote to select hdm1 to get firestick menu. Then use alexa remote. Would LOVE to use only one remote.

  6. You give absolutely NOTHING on how to set up cord cutting!!! YOU just say its free and you're not paying – what kind of instruction is THAT!!! WTF.

  7. I thought you were supposed to show people how to add fire stick to a roku TV. You were talking about everything but how to hook it up. Thanks for nothing

  8. Am I understanding correctly that if you have both Roku and Fire Stick you just need to switch between say HDMI 1 to watch Firestick and HDMI 2 to watch Roku?

  9. Great info,Thanks homie!! I was going back and forth on which to get. I made up my mind when you said, you can get a Roku T.V for cheap!! BIG FACTS!! Then just grab a Firestick. Dope video, I liked & subscribed!!


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