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How to Install Kodi on Fire Stick, Stream Live TV, and Install The Latest Add-Ons (Exodus, Genesis, Soundplex, Hulu Plus Lots more!)

Kodi is free, open-source software designed specifically with home entertainment in mind – and it’s perfect if you’re a fan of movies, sports, films and TV shows. Although it was originally created for the Microsoft Xbox and called Xbox Media Center (XBMC), Kodi has continued to evolve – spawning a community of its own.

Unlike services like Chromecast or Plex, Kodi is managed by the non-profit XBMC Foundation, and it’s constantly being modified and upgraded by countless of coders around the world. Since its creation in 2003, Kodi has been shaped by more than 500 software developers and more than 200 translators. That means you can now customize by installing addons or builds, and they’re totally free, too. And it’s not just for laptops; Kodi can now work on everything from a smartphone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

Today we will build a full-featured multimedia center using a Raspberry Pi and Kodi, an open-source multimedia player with a wealth of advanced features.

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Kodi is a feature-rich multimedia center that is very popular. It was originally the XBMC player for the Xbox gaming platform but has now been ported onto almost every operating system. It runs very well on a Raspberry Pi.

Today we will build a complete multimedia center that you can use with your HD television. We will be using a Raspberry Pi as the engine in our media center, almost any Raspberry Pi will do.

I will explain how Kodi works and go over a number of different ways that you can install it on a Raspberry Pi. I will then give you a detailed installation of Kodi using the OSMC image.

Once Kodi is installed I will show you how to configure and customize it.

I’ll also go over several options for remote control of your new multimedia center.

Here is the Table of Contents for today’s video:

What is Kodi? – 3:20
Is Kodi Legal? – 5:58
Ways to Install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi – 8:00
Raspberry Pi Selection & Enclosure – 10:42
Installing with OSMC – 15:26
Putting the box together – 19:24
Booting up Kodi – 22:35
Navigating Kodi & Add-Ons – 25:51
Kodi Configuration – 31:50
Remote Controls – 36:28
Chorus, Kodi Web-Based Interface – 41:47
Kore & Yatse – 43:30
Using Bluetooth – 46:22

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I hope you enjoy this video and that it inspires you to build your own multimedia center using Kodi.

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  1. Watched the entire video just because it is so well done. I was thinking of finally getting the Pi for a Kodi media center with TV tuner and simple file server capabilities, and OSMC looks like a great choice for these purposes. So thank you, your video made the decision quite easy. Someone in the comments suggested a video showing proper IR control setup, and I wouldn't mind seeing what do you think would be best for plugging one or two external USB drives.

  2. Awesome video!! One of the best videos on YouTube!
    You explained that great and u deserve more subs, keep up the good work!
    Best regards,

  3. Most of the time i try to learn something off the internet i am left with the idea that maybe i know some stuff on the concept but lot of topics are blurry and uncertain. You Sir, explained how to make sure not to scratch the sd card while inserting the cover or not to fry the Raspberry with static charges, little things i already knew but that gave me the confidence that nothing in your video was left behind, which means that the overview you provided is the result of research and dedication in pursuing what this video really is: a complete tutorial on how to achieve the result as advertised with also different possible spin offs. Thank you very much for your time, from now on i will watch more videos on your channel. Keep up the good work!

  4. I like your channel and the info you present, but I can't watch it because it annoys me terribly that you arbitrarily switch back and forth (and back and forth) (and back and forth) between the two cameras while you're presenting. I wouldn't think that would bother me so much, but it does. Sorry. It probably wouldn't be so troublesome for me if there was a reason – switching to a view that illustrates a point of topic you're speaking about – but it's not the case. Really, you're not boring – you're pleasant to listen to and, again, you've got some really good information – I just don't see any need to "spice it up" with the switching. [reading through the comments, I guess I'm the only one that's bothered.]

    I'm appreciating the Kodi-Pi project. That's something I've been considering for a while. It's nice to get a good step-by-step. Thanks.

  5. Man, I've been watching your arduino sensor videos all week and then googled setting up kodi on a pi for a little distraction and came right to another one of your excellent videos! Thank you 🙂

  6. Mr DroneBot, is it possible to load and use Kodi inside the Tor Browser? Also 'would you do a video on building your on VPN and a DNS for the Raspberry Pi that Kodi could used in? Just asking. You still have not answered my question from another video you put out. Thank you sir for your time in showing the world your skills. It is very appreciated. I'm new to all this and for me this is the only way I have to learn.

  7. Very straight forward and to the point, I did it in few minutes, I also noticed that after installing Kodi on the Pi, I could connect the Android Kodi Remote app (Kore) to complete the setup of Language and Region without the need for external mouse or keyboard. Thanks for the great video pal

  8. Hello.
    I will be interested in a video how to program a remote control for the raspberry pi.
    Also, I'm looking to but another Pi. The Pi 4 has been released with 1-2 and 4GB of memory. Which one I need to run Kodi, adding some addon, such as Plex and others? Is the 4GB worth the price difference?

  9. Thanks for this video but I didn't find the option to see the video inside the kodi and drive attached in my mobile phone or in my TV

  10. do you know how to fix raspberry 3?? Mine it installs kodi via OSMC and NOOBS but when it starts it is just rebooting back and forth from the main page where it says KODI and OSMC!!! How to fix this issue??


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