“No KODI Video Addons but thousands of movies and TV Shows, here is how to do it.”

If you haven’t heard of TopTutorials then you need to watch this and check out all of his channels, he is a one of the communities nicest guys that produces some awesome content. Not settling for just YouTube videos, but he has awesome builds too in his own wizard, I would say to you to check out all the areas in his wizard as he has a lot of gems, its not just for builds as you will see. Repos with some amazing add ons to name just one!

Firstly here are all of his channels which I highly recommend that you check out.




The URL required for the Install as per video is

it really is as simple as that, the build is super lightweight and perfect for the Firestick, Hyper TT brings you a wealth of the best add ons that has recently been updated too, its not heavy in the slightest, you will see when you install it and run it for the first time.

So the winners of the nVidia Shield is Rob Ramos and Greg Sanders congratulations to you both, I will be in touch !

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  1. Love this build! my exodus doesn’t seem to be working on any build I try though is anyone else having this problem and how can I solve it?

  2. my Hyper TT Krypton firestick is not working on kodi when I installed the new system. top tutorials will not completely download. what should I do?


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