Kodi Exodus and Trakt (Tracking your TV Shows and Movies)

Updated Kodi – Exodus and Trakt Video:

Exodus Settings: Accounts 0:24 (Check out updated Video)
Kodi Repository for Syncing with Trakt 1:18



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  1. I’m new to this Trakt with the new Exodus Add-on. I can’t seem to add things in My List. TV Watchlist and so on in the Exodus’s My List, I’ve added things but when I try and look in those parts nothing pops up. I was on the Trakt website and the things I’ve added are on that website. I just don’t get it. Is My List post to work like the Genesis, My Genesis, Favourite part? Where I can save my shows to watch later. I just can’t seem to get anything to pop up in My List. In Exodus I would add a show to Watchlist but nothing pops up in TV Watchlist. So what am I missing? Thanks.

    • +Blue_Angel I think I know what you are asking for. In kodi there are two places to sync Trakt. The Trakt add-on in the Kodi Repository and adding the Trakt account in the Exodus add-on. I will hopefully be able to create another video soon explaining the two different syncing options. So far I was able to add to my watch list on Trakt and I see the changes in Exodus but I haven’t tried adding to my watch list in Exodus and seeing the changes on the Trakt website.

  2. I cannot get the Kodi Trakt addon to work properly. I was able to authorize it, so that works, but when it goes to sync it gets stuck on retrieving episode data from trakt.

  3. It would be cool if you were notified with a small popup in the corner whenever one of your friends starts watching something and tells you what they’re watching.(Like how Steam does when people start a game) Obviously you wouldn’t want to use this if you had lots of friends, but maybe they could have it so you could just select maybe a couple friends that you want to follow. or all of them if you don’t care how many popups you see, lol

  4. Can you PLEASE make a video showing all the cool things you can do with Trakt.tv as far as adding movies to your collection, and viewing your friends collection, and making lists, or searching for movies by certain actors, so that I don’t have to KEEP EXPLAINING it to all my friends.. lol Thanks!

  5. Btw, you don’t have to go ALL the way to the end of the movie and have it stop, I believe if you watch something like 70% of the movie it will automatically be added to your trakt history 🙂

  6. also, you can see what you’re currently watching if you view your Trakt profile while your playing a movie. Pretty cool feature.

  7. very nice video i try like 100 times but nothing happen until i see this video very good steps
    that make u very good video make it very super make more videos for kodi so we can do everything in the easy way
    100 star for this guys yeah

  8. Is there a way to sync what you watched so it shows up as a check mark in Exodus on a fresh start? Updating my Kodi often, I tend to lose all my watched history in add-ons like Exodus and Specto.

  9. i did not have to install trakt add-on to get the sync going. i just linked up exodus and my trakt account; and i could see check marks against everything i had marked watched in exodus; and “new episodes” showed me unwatched episodes instantly. when i watch something in “new episodes” (need not watch it full), it is tick-marked within exodus, and also synced up to trakt..

    • +Shikhanshu Agarwal Yup. I just like to have the extra add-on because it gives you that rating option after watching a Tv Show or Movie

    • In Settings, then click on Appearance. In the “Skin” tab click on “Settings”. In the Skin Settings you can change the “Home Window Options”. Hope this helps.

  10. Is it really a good idea to have a third party monitoring your Kodi activity when Kodi and streaming are such a hot button in Europe right now? I read trakt’s privacy agreement and it states they reserve the right to sell your activity history to whomever they want, including govt’ agencies. That made me stop using it immediately. Just a thought.

    • That is definitely something to consider. I am from the US and I haven’t researched any of the concerns you have mentioned. Also ISP agreements differ based on the company and should be considered. Thank you for the your input. VPNs are going to become a common thing that everyone should use or consider using.

  11. Thanks so much Rattletrap. Kind of a newbie to KODI/Exodus and hit ‘reset defaults’ and erased my TrackT last night der! Got all of my favorite TV shows and Movie shows back on my menus thanks to your short incisive VIdeo! You Da Man!!


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