Here I will show you how to update your KODI on your Raspberry Pi with only a laptop and an internet connection using SSH remote access. SO no need for a memory card reader!


    • Kelly Gomez – Its in the System > Settings > Enable SSH (next to enable Samba)

      If in doubt a simple Google will help you. ?

    • sadly many googles…are not helping me as I have no SSH option -in kodi 14.2 probably version or set-up issues I am on the old raspian as well

    • Kelly Gomez – Hi…

      Would suggest you google LibreElec and download the latest Krypton build on LibreElec then as a fresh install.

      You will need a memory card reader on your laptop to do this though but easy enough!

    • jessy22072004 Go to ur Openelec settings, find: services, AND enable SSH. u will noticed its greyed out, click on it. U have to give access. Hope this helps.

    • I’m having issues connecting from bitvise also. won’t connect to my pi. I can’t even get past the step password step.

  1. I followed all the steps to upgrade Kodi from a Mac but it was not a complete success. 1) I basically put the openELEC Tar file in the “Ungrade” folder in the Raspberry Pi. Later I reboot kodi using the reboot menu bottom….2) When the reboot start in the messages shows the update was found and openELEC shows new version …..but in Kodi System. shows the kodi version that not updates. Conclusion: The OpenElect upgrade OK, but the Kodi version not? …some advice ? Thanks

  2. so I am trying to connect in bitvise with root as username and openelec as password but it doesn’t work.

    it says: Authentication failed. remaining authentication methods: publickey, password, keyboard-intetactive

    • Nick De ligt – if you read down the comments, people have used different combinations with success. It depends on your pi’s config.

      Try user: pi
      Pass: raspberry


      User: root
      Pass: libreelec

    • Bloated Prostate I should’ve read further down the comments but thanks, it worked with libreelec as password.


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