Check out how I made a Raspberry Pi media center using Kodi!
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(some are better than the versions I own)
– Raspberry Pi 3 kit (includes HDMI cable, SD card, etc)
– Kingston 480GB SSD
– USB 3 to SATA III cable
– Wireless Mini Keyboard
– SawStop cabinet saw
– Dewalt compound miter saw
– Orbital Sander
– Grizzly 14″ Bandsaw
– Shop Fox Hanging Air Filter
– 2HP Dust Collector
– 1 Micron bag
– Classic steel ruler (cork backed)
– CA Glue (medium)
– CA Activator
– Super 77 adhesive
– X-Carve (CNC)
– Wire
– Soldering iron
– Third hand kit
– Wire strippers (not the ones I have, but good ones)
– Thin solder
– Fiskars cutting mat

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  1. dude, you make me want to buy tools, and start working on something, but I have a problem. I live in a single bedroom apartment with my brother and room is limited. I would like to get the big set up you have, but I know I can’t do it. Anyways, can you make a video about a small workshop that I can fit in a closet or a corner in the room, or maybe a video of how to make something awesome with small tools. Thank you, Love your show, and I fell like I’m going to be sub. to you forever!

    • To be totally honest with you, I used to have a garage shop and had to move unexpectedly into a much smaller space, and while it’s certainly not as convenient with all the power tools, it’s forced me to get creative with how I do things. I’d highly recommend that, if you want to make stuff, just go for it! All you need is a shelf in a closet, or a big fabric tool bag, or even a cardboard box, fill it with some hand tools and a drill or a dremel, or find a local maker space. You’ll be surprised at how far that will take you! Tools and space are second to drive and creativity 🙂

  2. Hey Bob, I was going to make some foam props, but when I went to Lowes, the EVA floor mats were $18!
    Is that how expensive they are for you?

  3. That is so cool. I have started doing my own projects at home due to your channel. I will make sure to share you photos of my projects! Thank you for doing your show and inspiring me to do more!

  4. Hi, can same raspberry pi be use for Kodi, and download server (torrents, mp3, etc)? does it use windows, linux, which version? raspberry has some internal memory for kody, SO and any other software? thanks a lot. Im thinking on a media center but not sure whether use a normal PC or Raspberry.

    • Especially on wood, the paint will soak into the fibers and give a really inconsistent finish. Primer seals the surface, and makes the final paint texture much more consistent.

  5. you should have had a mini screen for the pi as the arcade screen. even if it’s far too small for input you could still make it do cool animations in the background like a real arcade booth


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