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How to Install KODI on a Raspberry Pi 3?
Surprisingly Easy to Install – Easy as Pie


  1. Thanks a lot for posting this video — very helpful. OSMC, I think you’ll find stands for Open Source Media Centre.


  2. got a question…when u install OSMC it creates a partition for it like 239 mb and the rest is partitioned after inputting it in the Rpi..would like to know in what FS the rest of the sd will it be? Fat32 or Exfat (let say if I have a 64gb card)?

  3. Hey Peter, I was wondering. Would you say it is worth buying the “MPEG-2 license key” or “VC-1 license key” when you use a PI 3 with OSMC?
    Thank you

  4. If you have a smart TV with compatible HDMI-CEC, then the tv remote will control Kodi on the RPi as long as you set it up on the TV first, for example,my TV is an LG(2013) and has a feature called ‘Simplink’ which controls a device(eg. RPi) on your hdmi port when selected from the AV options

  5. tried not very pleased with running builds, seems to take too long adding thumbnails and freezes at times when selecting from the menu.

    • There is a version of OpenVPN that works with the PI and there are also videos on how to get IPVanish to work with OpenVPN, I just have not done it yet, but believe that it can be done.

  6. i’m sorry but i’m a little confused
    when you initially downloaded and installed Kodi from the internet to your system.
    was it using Rpi3?
    or did you downloaded into a usb and then put it into your Rpi3 that was attached to your tv.

    your respond is greatly appreciated

    thank you

  7. Peter. I purchased a pi3 and have installed like you have shown here. I have even purchased 2 micro SD cards with the speed class of 10 and they both are extremely slow when loading from menus. Can you give me any pointers on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi peter
    Works perfect as any video I have watch of yours,quick question I bought the media center do I need to change sd cards to get too regular raspberry 3.
    Ty for any help with this question


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