Latest kodi Build for Apple TV 4 10.01.16

UPDATE: Ares released anougher update 0.0.26 working with Apple TV 4 again. Install ares source

update: since ares updated to ver 0.0.23 not currently working again, keep getting error wile trying to open.

alternative atv4 can use mucky ducks wizard it has got quite a few builds available,
add there source

best wizard build on apple tv 4

kodi builds link for apple tv 4

add ares wizard source for latest updates

add my source for reliable add-ons

how to install kodi on apple tv 4 use link

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    • +Michael J Pearlman no prob ares wizard seems to be having prob again earlier they released anougher update that throwing up the error message again ? hopefully it will be sorted by time your home

    • +Kyle Paul thanks for the update. I should also mention I get the same error “(name of build) error: check the log for more information” for every kodi build I’ve tried except black box. So blackbox build works great but ares, and schism, and kodiflix, and all these “cool builds” I see shown lately won’t install. I’ve tried about 7 builds all from different repos and none work but blackbox. I’m really hoping installing the new test build you linked will make a difference. 🙂 :). Thanks again, I’ll update later tonight

    • Ares is working again download latest ares build 0.0.24 and latest kodi released couple days ago. still few builds not downloading

    • +Kyle Paul Thank you SO MUCH for the update Kyle!  This actually works now but after having previous issues I mentioned I decided to spend the past week building my own build of KODI.  BUT, now I can play around with other wizards and see if they have any tabs or sections I want to copy into my build.  Again, thank you for the update as I would have not known to update 🙂

  1. Hey Kyle, can I ask one more question? Any idea how to get Amber skin on tvOS? I’m only seeing Aeon Nox when I click “get more” for skins. Since I can’t SSH into Kodi to instal a downloaded zip I’ve been adding repos through sources like super repo and fusion. I tried linking my computer through SMB but I couldn’t get it to work. Any idea how to get Amber or other skins not under “get more” on Kodi for AT4? Thanks sooooo much, been dying to find an answer here!!!!

    • I’m sure I’ll find a way lol. Mental act build works well if your still getting ares to open on kodi. I would stick to what you got instead of updating (person pref) ares not opening at all for me atm but not been near comp all afternoon and evening, will check if I can figure Amber skin out and if ares 0.0.23 is working again as soon as I’m up, if you decide to update all and goes well let me know.

    • +Kyle Paul I’m going to delete kodi on atv4 and reinstall the latest test build you sent me link to when I get home. Then I’ll try to instal ares through link you just gave me and report back. I’ve literally invested so much time into this and I’m kind of a “noob” so your guidance is so appreciated. THANKS!!!

  2. Yea I’m having the same problem Michael is having. Is this common? Will it eventually get fixed? I been so frustrated the last couple of days…. What else can I do since that ain’t working yet? I know your busy but if u can answer me I’ll appreciate it thx

  3. Hello! I’ve got the Apple TV 4 since a week only. I’m trying to figure out how to get the link to download the latest ares build. I’ve tried using the 0.0.23 version but it gives me the same message error that Michael got in his previous discussion “(name of build) error: check the log for more information”. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m new at this!! Here is my contact, just in case you’ve got a minute to spare for a poor French guy who’s been spending a few sleepless night on this already. Thanks

    • Thanks for your help. I’ve downloaded ver. 0.0.25 but I cannot insert it in kodi. Do you have a tutorial that explains how to do this? I didn’t find one on youtube? Thanks again

    • Thanks for the update but unfortunately 0.0.26 is still not working out for me 🙁 It seems I must do something wrong, I get the same Ares wizard error message “check the log for more information”. My girlfriend is about to kill me coz I spend all my nights working on it!
      Would you be able to help me through teamviewer if we can agree on an appointment on the net? 

    • it’s finally working after updating the kodi test build as you suggested!! That’s great, a big thanks to you for all your help 🙂 Greetings

  4. Every time I click install on a custom build I get an error. ‘Download failed: Not a valid Zip file’.. this is with them all..? any ideas?

  5. Thanks Kyle
    I’ve tried to open the wizard and get an error. I have the latest version of kodi and still cannot get the wizard to open. Any ideas on what’s wrong?

  6. just downloaded the latest koi build via the website you provided, then installed ares wizard but its build 0.0.30 version and i keep getting a maintenance error

  7. Hallo, i am getting a problem installing this. As soon i get to the step at 0:52. It send me a message of check the log for more information.
    What should i do?

  8. This source doesn’t seem to yield any results… Go into install from zip, and nothing exists. Checked source spelling and it’s fine.

  9. hope you can help me… after i installed the pulse build, tries to restart i do it manual but when i open KODI it starts as always… 🙁 please help

  10. i do everything the same way you do on the video but when i go inside de add ons to install from zip the folder is empty, what am i doing wrong??/ what build of Kodi are you on in the video? may be that the issue? and also what do you recommend for the Kodi build…????/ thanks by the moment i haven’t been able to use koi because i have no add ons installed ..

  11. guys need help i keep getting the check the log error and not able to get any add ons or builds pleas some one help


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